Website & Graphic Design

We offer Company or Private individual websites on your terms. Before designing a website, we prefer to meet and put ourselves in your shoes. We believe in truly understanding your Business needs, the likes of Products, Services, Content and Vision. Our role is to facilitate you getting there by creating a website that is sure to add value to your business, allowing you to invest your time on core issues, with the peace of mind that your Internet presence has been taken care of,  superceeding your expectation. We prefer building in a relationship of trust and mutual respect benefiting both your business and Box Office Computers.


sticker Websites

Webs are not just for large businesses and they don’t have to be complicated.
Do you perhaps need to modernise and update your existing website?.

Standard Websites

All websites are created to be Pc, Mobile & Tablet friendly. Graphics are clean crisp offering visitors a navigation friendly fast loading site Incorporating content defined by yourself  together with the necessary features agreed on before designing.

Starting From only R 1 200.00

Business Identity

Business Identity – As an added service once designing your website at an agreed price, we help to create and optimise your business brand across all platforms and areas of importance.

  • Graphic design
  • PDF brochures
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads

E-Commerce Website

The covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing lockdown resulted in a worldwide e-Commerce reset and pulled forward a huge amount of future e-Commerce adoption. This holds true in South Africa too, where many shoppers were forced to experiment with online shopping for the first time, causing historic shopping habits to be broken.

E-commerce proved to be a lifeline 2020. As Covid-19 kept consumers around the world at home, nearly everything from groceries to gardening supplies was purchased online – leading to an additional $900-billion being spent in retail online around the world in 2020.

The online shopping experience offers consumers a wide variety of merchandise together with frictionless easy and safe payment options.

We build e-Commerce websites for our clients using the latest technology. Our shopping cart accepts all major credit cards, Instant Electronic file transfer, Manual Bank transfers and Debit Cards allowing for various shipping options that integrates with

Starting From only R 8 000.00

questionsandanswers – E commerce Advantage

Flawless functionality

Your website should function flawlessly on every mobile, tablet or desktop device. If it does not look great on mobile, your website will cost you valuable customers. These mobile users will not be able to reach you or learn about your products or services. Having a mobile friendly website is essential for every company.

Mobile responsiveness is key to having positive customer experiences.

Not only should your website be mobile friendly, but it should also be fast. The faster your website loads, the less likely website visitors are to abandon you. If your website loads slowly, many customers and potential customers will give up on visiting your website before they even make it to the homepage. You need a fast website to ensure positive customer experiences.

Designing Your Website

How we go about designing your website?.

Arranging a consultation, at our offices or a site of your choice. Allowing a brain storming session with the relevant personnel involved and agreeing on a solution. A 100% free no obligations quote will be provided. The objective to understand your business and the needs of YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and your CUSTOMERS. On Acceptance, once you have provided all the information & content that is required, implementation will be discussed and finalised. We then endeavour to have your website up and running as soon as possible for review. Final changes will be done ensuring that you are satisfied your website will then be officially opened and available online.

How long will it take to design?

Time to completion depends on your website content, features and availability of content. Most of all it depends on your co-operation and willingness to complete the project on hand. The quicker you are able to provide us with the content and a clear idea of what exactly you want; the quicker it will be present on the internet.

Other Website Services

Domain Registration & Transfer

Assistance provided to register your domain name, or domain name transfers, where required.


Content Editing

After providing us with the content of the website we do the usual checks, but we can also provide a more in depth review ensuring your website’s content is as great as it can be, after all what you put on your website represents what your business is and what you offer

Search Engine Optimisation

Google submission and Inpage SEO improves and helps google to better place and find your website using the likes of Keywords, Sitemaps, Page naming etc.

Website Maintenance

As your business changes and grows, websites need to be  updated to ensure that all of your latest information is current. We update your website on a project for project basis at reduced prices. No monthly retainer expense is required.  “Update your website yourself” – is not a given as one needs the knowledge and understanding of websites to do this. However, we could train and teach you how to upgrade certain areas yourselves.

Social Media Marketing

Embracing social media helps your business gain an edge on the competition particularly when it comes to marketing. Box-office Computers can help you reach a larger, area and a product specific audience. 

Graphic Design

You provide the images or alternatively we could source the relevant images to be used. Within reason e are able to alter and design images as preferred.

Company logos, Artistic features and web content services provided


A picture is worth a thousand words. One of the most important features of a website is its ability to have all imaging crisp clean and acceptable.

Mass E-mail Marketing

Marketing your business is of prime concern and we offer you the opportunity to build a marketing engine for you that in turn would be controlled and managed by yourselves or alternatively we could do it for you.

Some designs of websites we've created


  • Deserve the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give them.
  • Are the most important person in our business.Are not an interruption, but the purpose of our business.
  • Are a part of our business – Not an outsider.
  • It is our soul purpose to satisfy our customers wants.
  • Are not to be argued or match wits with.
  • Are the lifeblood of our business.
Allow us to discuss creating a website for your business