Computer Support

We offer computer support covering most areas of IT, where pricing is always taken into consideration, however not the only concern. We strive to understand, meet your budget constraint and are sure to  offer a successful solution.

Computer maintenance and support services offered without the need of a contract

Problem areas we address
Slide-PC Support
  • Software upgrades
  • Driver upgrades
  • All Windows operating systems
  • Ms Office 2007 – 2016
  •  Internet connectivity
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Pc peripherals


  • Computer re- Furbishing – not so slow anymore
  • Notebook re-furbishes
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Hard drive transfers to SSD drives ( Improved performance)
  • Memory upgrades
Speed up the performance on your Laptop or Personal Computer
  • Does your laptop play an important role in your normal day to day business activity?.
  • Would you prefer your laptops performance to increase by up to 50%?.
  • In today’s world affordability allows us to increase your laptop performance

You may not need to buy a new Laptop or PC

  1. Increased performance
  2. Improved customer service
  3.  Increase hard drive capacity

4. 1-year warranty
5. Cost-effective
6. Don’t need to buy a new laptop or PC

We will transfer all your data, e-mail and programs

Factors that determine a repair or not

Age of item: One needs to consider the availability and cost as apposed to a replacement taking into consideration future compatibility issues

Where the market is leading:  Covering a broad spectrum of issues in this fast moving industry – Software and Hardware  

Compatibility: For the best part your hardware and software is currently working, however what to consider is in the event of a failure will your current software version or customised software and hardware meet the current industry requirement.

Allow us to save you money & offer a stable environment