I personally invite you to visit our live Autosavvyonline demonstration website that allows you to view how your website would navigate and be presented. You have the option of limited cutomisation, catering for your specific need, the likes of colour, branding, insurance and finance links  as well as newsletters. Should you be intereted,  I invite you     to  call me personally or send an enquiry  allowing for a  comprehensive discussion regarding your specific need, 
Mike Adendorff 0825015730
You own the domain name  and manage your stock with the use of an easy to use front-end sytem catering for singe or multple branches and/or workstations  show-casing all your stock on your dealership website
Think Savvy....  Be Savvy....   Get a AutoSavvyonline type website
Overview:  Following consultations with experts in the motor industry together with my own innovations  we are proud to offer you        AutoSavvyonline - “ A Self managed dealership website”  Based on a licenced platform - Ensuring affordability o Customisation limited to: Branding Finance and Insurance links & forms Newsletters - Self managed Email addreses - (Enquiries  are received by yourselves only.  No intervention what so ever) Contact details - Self managed Your  dealership showcases all stock including ad-hoc items on your own independant website User friendly on: o Computers o Notebooks / Laptops o Tablets o Cellphones
Compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems - Networkable - Allowing for additional workstation website management Caters for multiple branches loading their own stock onto the same website Onsite Training and Installation included
Make the Savvy decision - Call Now - 082 501 4730