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We offer Company or Private individual websites on your terms. Before designing a website, we prefer to meet and put ourselves in your shoes. We believe in truly understanding your Business needs, the likes of Products, Services, content and Vision. Our role is to facilitate you getting there by creating a website that is sure to add value to your business, allowing you to invest your time on core issues, with the peace of mind that your Internet presence has been taken care of, superceding your expectation. We prefer building in a relationship of trust and mutual respect benefiting both your business and Box Office Computers.
How much does it cost ?
Websites are no longer just for large businesses and they don’t have to be complicated.
Increase your profit ability
Being the most common question asked, We ask how much does a car cost. One cannot answer unless all factors are known, hence we prefer to meet with you first.
Websites are an important component of your companies marketing plan. They create an awareness of your Products, Product specifications, Promotions, and Services offered, not only locally, but on a global scale 24/7.
How long does it take to complete a website?  Depending on the complexity of your website and the amount of detail. Your newly created website will normally be published within a week if we receive all the required information, content and images
After examining your website content, understanding your web objective and with the entire colour spectrum available to our designers we create a unique, personalized, and customized web theme that perfectly suits and compliments your businesses image. You do not need to buy templates as we do not use wordpress (CMS platform), but design a theme specificlly for you. No websites are identicall.
We understand that budget considerations apply and strive to deliver accordingly - Lets Talk.