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why do i need a website
Websites are no longer just for large businesses and they don’t have to be complicated.
Websites are an important component of your companies marketing plan. They create an awareness of your products, promotions and services offered, not only locally, but on a global scale 24/7.
Credibility The online presence of a business helps to increase its legitimacy and create customer confidence
Improved customer service All the info is in one place where customers can easily find out what they need to know and can contact you
Direct Communication Easy access to correct contact details, latest info is shared to everyone and added benefits from time saving enquiry forms
Image and Brand Your Website portrays the feel of your business and gives insight into what your business has to offer, does, where it comes from and what you are all about
Direct Advertising Those accessing your website are people that are interested in what you offer - information is going directly to the right people. Provide info about what makes your business unique .
Convenience Customers want to do things at a time and place that best suits them and what is more convenient than the internet?
Modern Society The internet is used by everyone today and most consumers first research online, by not having a website you loose the benefit of being easily found and give your online competitors an advantage
Providing info takes time and is often spent on time wasters; a website provides all your info in one place, without any effort from you and only those with a real interest will contact you - Your website is a silent Salesman
Time Saving
Accessible Information is available 24/7/365
Increased target market Reach anyone, anywhere, anytime
Cost effective Providing a large amount of information to an almost unlimited audience
Up-to-date Information is always the most recent, keeping up with new products, services, specials and more. You can access and easily update price lists, newsletters etc.