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our web services
Our main service is web design - We also offer additional services that improves your website
Website Maintenance As your business changes and grows so does your website, websites need to be regularly updated to ensure that all of your latest information, products, specials, contact details, maps and more are featured. We update your website on a project for project basis at reduced prices. No monthly retainer expense required. Update your website yourself” - is not a given as one needs the knowledge and understanding of websites to do this. We however, design the website allowing you to automatically update crucial areas, the likes of newsletter, pricelist or product catalogue etc…( content dependant).
Domain Registration & Transfers Email set-up & Signatures Creating your email addresses required for your business and  your website enquiry - Put your own unique signature on your emails - Improving your image Content Editing  After providing us with the content of the website we do the usual checks, but we can also provide a more in depth review ensuring your website’s content is as great as it can be, after all what you put on your website represents what your business is and what you offer. Professional Photography   A picture is worth a thousand words. One of the most important features of a website is its ability to have images of your business, staff, products etc. This gives the customer confidence in your business and they can associate it with something tangible, it makes it more real.
Mobile Optimisation Take it one step further and increase your mobile browsers with Mobile Optimisation, here your website is specialised so that when someone browses with a mobile device the website is rearranged and fits perfectly onto the screen without the need to scroll and zoom in/out. This allows for easy and effective browsing on the mobile phone what most people use to browse the internet.
Slide show creation Photo galleries Graphic design Photograph enhancement Business card design Logo design Letterhead design Utube video inclusion Powerpoint slideshow inclusion Search Engine Optimisation & Submission 	  Google submission and Inpage SEO improves and helps google to better place and find your website using the likes of Keywords, Sitemaps, Page Naming, google analytics code etc.
Assistance provided to register your domain name, or domain name transfers if required.
Links, widgets and Blog/Social Media Intergration We are able to connect your website to the most favourited social media platforms as well as intergrate blogs and your favourite social media pages into your new website. We are also able to import many useful items into your website such as live google maps, QR codes, and many more.
Forms Design
An entire selection of different forms are available to our designers which enables us to create a direct line of communication between you and your potential customers through your website in a simple and easy fashion - you will recieve an email with all the details provided on the form. Forms vary between inquries to CV uploads to feedback and much much more. All forms are secure and make use of a “captcha” system to stop any hacking and spamming through your forms.
PDF Embedment  We are able to create and embed PDF documents into your website. In turn you are then able to update the pre-existing pdf on your website by running a script on your pc, this means that you are able to update certain elements of your website without the need for any complex systems or IT skills. These can be things such as; Pricelists, Brochures, Specials, Contact details, Newsletters etc…