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A Trusted Hosting company we recommend to host your website - You may use your own provider
Network Infrastructure Their network provides a visitor to your site with the best bandwidth and speed available in Southern Africa. Our International connectivity will ensure that your international visitors receive the same level of service as your local visitors. We do have servers in the USA (Houston, Texas) to cater for clients that want to have the best access times in the USA, but would like to download their email from a mail server located in South Africa. They purchase a large portion of our bandwidth from Verizon Business (The largest network provider on the planet), with access to no less than 3 X 45Mbps circuits which terminates in the United States of America (USA), 1 X 45Mbps circuit that terminates in the United Kingdom (UK) and 155Mbps between each of the points of presence (POP's) in South Africa. Their infrastructure is located in a secure data centre with controlled access and includes climate control, ups and diesel generator power backup, Dell and Intel servers, Cisco routers, 3Com and Cisco switches, Redhat Linux and Windows servers. Their servers have averaged 99.98% "Up Time" since 1998. They are well aware that equipment failures, lightning strikes, fires etc are always a possibility, so webonline provides off-site backups as a free value added service to all of our clients irrespective of the hosting option they selected.