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Once we understand your need or problem we pride ourselves in giving you or or your business the utmost attention it deserves. With over 20 years in the business we are confident that we could solve your problem or alternativly offer a solution addressing the subject on hand.
Answers to common questions you may ask.
Your data will always be safe Unless the drive has been damaged or faulty beyond repair / recovery. Else, a backup of your data is taken before repairing. Our business business hours We are open from 8:30-5pm Mondays to Fridays We will assist at home or in businesses If you require minimum downtime, we are prepared to work after hours - Arrangements need to be scheduled. If not able to work onsite We will collect repair and return repair work within a 20km range from florida, else travel may be applicable. If your computer is not worth repairing We will advise accordingly & are able to backup all your data, offer a replacement and transfer to the new computer. If you are unable to purchase a new computer We offer 2nd hand replacements with a 3 month warranty - Conditions applicable Call-out fees are applicable We charge R295/Hr onsite and travel and toll only - Travel time not taken into account if within a 40km round trip. Network and computer repairs Once diagnosed we can give a better estimate - On average 90% are solved and have an estimated turnaround time of 2 - 4 Hrs onsite Same day call-outs do not carry any additional expenses Should we be available, else arrangements can be made for urgent or aferhours work at the same rate
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Please call or send a request when in need of a Computer or Notebook as choices are limitless. As a result we prefer to discuss your need in a very volitile ever changing market place leading possibly to being misinformed.
Pricing never the only criteria?
We strive to understand, meet your budget constraint and offer a succesfull solution.