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Load Shedding Solutions

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Can you afford to be without power during load shedding Do you need your computer, Internet & network during load shedding
Additional batteries may be added - Offering longer uptime
You need an inverter-offering you estimated up times of: Run 2x Computers & Internet for 5+ Hrs using 1x  Battery Run 4x Computers & Internet for 5+ Hrs using 2x  Batteries
Note: Following a free onsite inspection of your premisis and Location of equipment to be used, coul a accurate estimation be established, to meet your requirement
•	 Modified or Pure sinewave  •	 Wide input voltage range •	 12VDC or 24VDC available •	 Overload / Short Circuit Protection •	 Self charging •	 Portable  Features •	Extended Uptime •	Internet & Network Access •	Email Access •	Low maintenance •	No generator noise •	No hassles  Advantages