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Covering a vast amount of subjects, understandably we are unable to answer all your questions,  however we  answer common questions asked and ask that you call or enquire any question that you  may need answered in order to meet your need.
Pricing never the only criteria? We strive to understand, meet your budget constraint and offer a succesfull solution.
How much will a website cost me?
A website may cost anything from R 600 to R 100 000. Whether a individual business, Small business or corporate business - We strive to understand your objective, meet your budget and offer a succesfull solution. More…
Website Maintenance As your business changes and grows so does your website, websites need to be regularly updated to ensure that all of your latest information, products, specials, contact details, maps and more are featured. We update your website on a project for project basis at reduced prices. No monthly retainer expense required. Update your website yourself” - is not a given as one needs the knowledge and understanding of websites to do this. We however, design the website allowing you to automatically update crucial areas, the likes of newsletter, pricelist or product catalogue etc… (content dependant).
But I already have a website?
Perhaps it’s time to consider creating a new website? Add new features, latest information, benefit from new technology and update the look and feel. . Get your website working for you. If a website is created and then neglected for a long period of time it will lose its impact, this is causes potential customers to form a wrong opinion about you and your business. It’s important to think of your website as your businesses main marketing tool, it creates the image of your business. Always keep in mind that what a person sees on your website is what they will use to form their opinion of your business and this will greatly influence whether or not they will feel confident enough to contact you and purchase your products and services.
How long does it take to complete a website? Depending on the complexity of your website and the amount of detail required, we strive to create your website as soon as possible. Anything from 2 days to a month may be required, once we have received all the required information, content and images etc
- You may use your own provider
We do not host your website but recommend Webonline or - Trusted Hosting companies.
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