“Important uses and benefits of a computer network” File sharing: Networking of computers helps the network users to share data files. Hardware sharing: Users can share devices such as printers, scanners, CD-ROM drives, hard drives etc.
Network cabling is one of the most important areas of your business infrastructure. If not done with proper planning in place you may experience a fragmented unreliable environment. We do it properly. Does your network currently look like spaghetti with no proper labelling or incorrect equipment in place making it difficult and confusing to problem solve in the event of downtime . We offer You? 1. Professional network cabling installations, saving you time and money with our efficient, cost-effective network installation services. 2. Network installations after-hours if preferred in order to minimise the impact of the network installation on your staff and productivity. 3. Repair problems with current network installations using network testing tools that allow us to quickly and efficiently pinpoint bottlenecks and faulty cabling in your current infrastructure. 4. Supply of IT related equipment matching meeting the network demand. 5. Set-up and install of IT related equipment such as routers, servers, desktops, etc. 6. Trunking installations.
“ The CHOICE is always YOURS.”  •	Private home or business installations •	Additional network points  •	Complete new installations •	Integration of Wireless, Cable and Fibre   •	Upgrade from a 100mbps network to 1000mbps.
Wired or Wireless networking? “ Factors that determine wired networking or wireless networking.” Size of Network: For a network over the size of 10 connections we recommend a wired network. The reason for this is that on a wireless network, all connected devices share the bandwidth, e.g. a 300mbps wireless network with 10 users on it will allow a maximum of only 30mbps per user. Critical Business Applications: For any devices running a critical business application such as Accountancy and database integration we recommend connecting to a wired network. Applications that transfer a large amount of data between a server and the application should be connected to a wired network- Our recommendation a gigabit network. The Best Scenario: For most companies is to have a combination of both wired and wireless. Wired points in all offices for users with desktops and laptops to connect and a wireless network for roaming users and mobile devices.
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