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“Customers are the lifeblood of your business” Do it once – “All data in the right place” Customer relationship management is an approach to manage your company's interaction with current and potential customers.
One has to work hard to obtain information about your customers. And then this information is strewn across your desk—your call software contains call logs, spreadsheets contain data, sticky notes have crucial information scribbled on them, and your calendar (digital or physical) keeps track of calls and appointments. So when one has to retrace your relationships with customers, or even if you need a quick update on a lead, you have to tread through multiple sources to piece together information. In a time-sensitive job like sales, this approach isn’t just infeasible, it’s unsustainable as well. CRM7 improves business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth. Today you’re a small business, but you won’t remain small forever. You cannot afford to spend like an enterprise on CRM software; at the same time, your size shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying CRM’s benefits. You can set yourself up for sustainable growth with CRM7 which provides extensive features at an affordable price. Advantages of Databases for Any Type of Business
Some Email Advantages Send single or group emails Intergates with Your email client Integrates with Mailchimp (Free 12 000 emails / month) Manage multiple email campaigns Pre-defined messaging database Print Reports Duplication management
Some SMS messaging Advantages Send from your PC instead of your cell phone Send single or group messegas Full sms history per client Integrates with SMS Portal Purchased packages never expire Sms cost = 27 Cents compared to your cell - 75 cents Save more than 200%
Comprehensive database management
Companies spend more time and money on creative marketing campaigns to attract new customers. All that effort is useless if you do not have good databases which allow you as a business owner to know which customers are your objectives.
Our price packaging includes: Additional services: \\ Implementation \\ Data migration \\ Training \\ Customisation \\ Support for 2 weeks \\ Report writing
1. Ability to store large amounts of information Data entry, Update, read and delete cost is reduced. Reduced data redundancy. Data inconsistency is reduced. The end-user's productivity is improved. Decision making with data is improved. Improved data access. Better data integration 2. Sharing information Databases allow users to share common information. 3. Having quick access to information The information is obtained quickly and easily, which greatly facilitates the work and allows you having better customer service. 4. Eliminating duplications By centralizing all information in a database you prevent duplication of existing information which usually presents a common problem in business. 5. Increasing productivity Access to information is faster now than ever before. Information will be structured without any duplication – allowing you to work better, faster with increased productivity in your company. 6. Reducing storage space Information is digitized so it takes less space than when stored on paper. 7. Information Security A database can have several parts depending on users. You can limit certain access to certain parts of the data for certain users. That way the security and confidentiality of data will be guaranteed and secured. 8. Easy maintenance Information is easier and economical to carry out any maintenance.
Link between CRM and Databases Databases are essential to establish a CRM strategy in your company. A CRM strategy consists of acquiring and storing your customer’s information which will let you manage these relationships around the data. With segmented information you will be able to optimize important aspects of marketing communication, such as: •	offering more personalized advertising campaigns •	offering specific support •	keeping a detailed record of all sent and received sms messages and emails from your company
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