Please call or send a request when in need of a service or solution we offer. Computer & Notebook choices are limitless. For the correct choice we prefer to discuss your need and offer a soultion in a very volatile ever changing market place.
PC or Notebook Sales | Upgrades | Netwoks | Websites |Backups, etc
Pricing never the only criteria?
We strive to understand, meet your budget constraint and offer a succesfull solution.
New Sales Refurbished / 2nd Hand Hard Drive Upgrades - SSD Revitalise your Pc Upgrades to Windows 10 Repair Your Pc/Notebook Network solutions - Wired & Wireless Virus & Ransomeware protection Website creation
Data Protection Networking Home or Business Website Creation Q & A
Some services we offer
Load Shedding UPs / Inverter Bulk Email & Sms    CRM Software
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