How we work with you We enjoy working with our clients ensuring that their website is exactly what they want.
Whenever a face to face meeting is required, for example the first meeting, we will come to your premises at a time convenient for both us. Most of the communication takes place through phone calls and emails, as this is more than sufficient to keep you up to date, send relevant info, discuss ideas and answer your questions. If, however, you would like to set up a meeting all you need to do is give us a call and appropriate arrangements will be made, suiting both parties.
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How do we interact? Must I come to your offices?
1: A free, no obligation consultation, at our offices or a site of your choice within 30kms of our offices, else travel may apply. The objective to understand your business and the needs of YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and your customers
2: Following a brain storming session with the relevant personel involved and agreeing on a solution, a 100% free no obligations quote will be provided.
3: You will then be given a document that details all the information that will need to be provided by you or your company
5: Once you have provided all the information & content that is required, implementation will be discussed and finalised. We then endeavour to have your website up and running as soon as possible for review
6: Final changes will be done ensuring that you are satisfied. Once all is finalised the remaining balance will be due. After payment your website will then be offically uploaded and available online.
4: While you get the info we will begin working on the website outlay, design logos, take pictures, register domains if required etc.
Time to completion depends on your website content, features and availability of content. Most of all it depends on your co-operation and willingnes to complete the project on hand. The quicker you are able to provide us with the content and a clear idea of what exactly you want; the quicker it will be for us to design your website and finalise for upload.
How long will it take?