A business crippled by data loss can suffer massive financial losses, among other consequences. Everyone has heard the warnings about how important it is to back up your personal and professional data. Unfortunately many of these warnings go unheeded, threatening your data. Having no backup procedures can spell disaster.
We understand the critical role data plays in your day-to-day business. Ensuring that data is properly and currently backed up is a huge responsibility Data loss is a proven business killer. Data backup and cyber security should be on the minds of decision makers at every business. We prioritize our clients’ peace of mind and put in place concurrent procedures protecting your data from freak accidents, malicious code and environmental disasters. Backup disadvantages. DVD Disks -Time consuming // Easily damaged // Costly Flash drives - Misplacement // Easily Stolen // Unpredictable Local hard drives - Vulnerable // On-site Folders only - Drive Space // Synchronisation // Incorrect folders Manual procedures - Human Error Onsite only - Theft // Unforseen disasters Cloud only - Committing your data to a 3rd Party // Cost
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What is a Backup ?  “ The CHOICE is always YOURS.”  Putting it very simply, a backup is a complete copy of your data – whether that’s a single file or the contents of an entire drive – that resides on a different storage device to the original, ideally off-site, and allows for restoration if data loss occurs.  Data loss happens for all kinds of reasons, and it’s important to take all of them into account  Important -  Think about the reasons you’re backing up and whether or not your chosen method fullfils those objectives. In Case of a failure:- Considerations Do you have the budget to - purchase hardware and software Do you have all the relevant software to re-install Were you running customised proprietary software  Is the software you were using still purchase-able Can you afford the time to re-install Do you have the expertise to re-install Everybody who’s ever used a computer should know that it’s vitally important to make backups. Whether you’re looking at an unexpected drive failure or an accidental nudge of the delete key, having an up-to-date copy of your business data at hand could be enough to save a catastrophe.