Mike Adendorff


Founder Mike Adendorff has been in the IT industry since 1983 and has a wealth of experience in addressing the hardware and software needs of clients. Having evolved with knowledge from building computers to network installations, website development, photoshop graphic design, customised software, and common business solutions we offer support and installations together with affiliated business associates since 1997.
   Core Values               Quality We strive to provide high quality finished products and services. We appreciate good value for money and strive to provide this to our clientele. From the first email we are focused on giving you the best that we can.                Customer Focus The customer comes first and we strive for our relationships to extend well beyond the first meeting. Whatever the situation we strive to build a relationship where we can trust and appreciate each other over the long term and be there to support you as your business grows.             Integrity Our customer realtionships are based on honesty from the start. You can trust that any decision or suggestion made by us is in the best interests of you and your business and that we will be open to discuss any issues that you or even we may have.                                                          Creativity We like unique and we enjoy being able to cater for each different client in this way, no two businesses are the same. Once understanding your business and need for a solution, we endeavour to listen, advise and offer a solution achieving your prime objective.                  Personalised service No two businesses are alike and we recognise this in the work that we do. We focus on your business objective and provide you with a solution and servive that you can benefit the most from.      Box Office Computers CC
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