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Your website itself will have your company’s logos, colours, write-ups etc. Showcase all of your stock - (Vehicles & Ad-hock stock the likes of Caravans, Trailers,Boats etc..) Various menu items- applicable to your dealership You can run and manage all branch stock on your own website Customers can: Sort and View all vehicles with a slideshow in variuos formats and in turn send an enquirey. View all Vehicles on Special - Special pricing is dynamic - Not showing the specials when a date you set is reached. Search for vehicles using the stock numbers / Branch stock or use a spefic search. Book services / Test drives / Apply for Vehicle insurance / Download your Finance form Fill in forms for trade-in where they can include an image of the vehicle in question. Forward a vehicle link to friends by Tell a Friend. Have access to a contact us page where they can fill in a simple query form. Use your web: Financial calculator / QR Code / Google map Ultimately the website itself allows you to let your customers know about all that you have to offer and it saves you time – The people providing enquiries are really interested in your vehicles; there are no time wasters and most leads are very likely to turn into a sale. On the side of website management there is a management interface that is used by you to upload your vehicles and keep your contact details and newsletters up-to-date. You are in control of what is loaded or unloaded from the website. The interface is easy to use and has restricted access to only those who have permission to use it. All entries have preloaded features that you select or tick, fill in your price from there and any further written description you wish to add, select the photos and upload to the website.
Multi user All Browsers Friendly Multi Branch Capable You Own The Domain Self Managed
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AUTOsavvy ONLINE A highly interactive, Affordable, Hassle-free, Feature rich dealership website… AutoSavvyOnline is the brandname under which we offer these specialised websites; you will have your very own website with not only 8 photographs of each vehicle, but concise information about your business services on offer. You can truly show customers what you have to offer.
Consumers are engaged in the hunt for a new car throughout the year and they’re ready to hear from you. Before they set foot in a dealership nine in ten car buyers go online to get their questions answered, and they want to know more how the car looks and feels, all of its features and technologies, comfort and safety features. They want to do this in the most convenient way and what's more convenient than the internet?
Website Advantages
Image & Brand Improved customer service Direct Advertising Credibility Convenience Direct communication Up to Date Increased target market Accessible modern society Cost effective Time saving
But I already place my vehicles on other sites?
Why not place vehicles with a link to your own website where potential customers could then view all your showroom vehicles, saving you from placing every vehicle on other sites that could be costly. Alternatively by having your own managed website you could advertise your own website, inviting customers into your showroom and not compete with all dealers listed on other sites.
AutoSavvyOnline provides many additional and specialised features that are often expensive and simplifies many processes, making your website management more effective and efficient and still provide the customer with all the relevant information. AutoSavvyOnline allows you to have an easy to use dynamic website at the fraction of the cost.
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