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Faq’s - Some frequently asked questions
Areas you are allowed to update & control 1. How do visitors interact with my website? 2. How many pictures may I show per vehicle? 3. How do I add cars? 4. Do I need to use many pictures for each vehicle? 5. Can I add my own notes? 6. What do I need? 7. How many vehicles can I show on my website? 8. Can I add other stock items on my website? 9. What do you mean by " The Choice is always Yours"? 10. Who receives the enquiries? 11. How do I receive business leads? 12. What is the set-up fee for? 13. Is this my own private domain name? 14. Do you offer additional training? 15. I do not know how to set up a Internet solution? 16. Who do you recommend as a hosting company? 17. Could I run more than one branch on my website? 18. Can multiple users update vehicles on my website? 19. Can you take my photos for me? 20.
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